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What is MetaFest 2022?

New Year's Eve in Times Square is one of the world's biggest and most iconic events. With MetaFest 2022, now you can be part of those New Year's celebrations no matter where you are in the world.

This New Year's Eve, join us in Decentraland for MetaFest 2022 and our unveiling of the Virtual One Times Square.

Wait, what is Decentraland?

Great question! Decentraland is a Metaverse, a digital environment that exists in parallel to our physical world. We call it a virtual social world, because you can create an account, create an avatar, and enter Decentraland with others to attend events, play games, trade, build all sorts of structures, or simply hang out and chat - and, this New Year's Eve, Decentraland will be hosting an unforgettable NYE event!

Sounds awesome. What can I expect at MetaFest 2022?

Virtual One Times Square (-106, -119) will launch in Decentraland on New Year's Eve with the MetaFest 2022 global party. You'll be able to create a personalized avatar, explore the Times Square Plazas with your friends.

The party itself will feature exclusive music and entertainment acts, rooftop VIP lounges, CryptoArt galleries, immersive games, and live feeds of real-world and digital NYE events from around the world. Make sure to visit CoinDesk's auditorium for their year-in-review video and to snag exclusive discounted tickets to Consensus, the annual crypto festival, taking place in Austin in June 2022.

Moments You Won't Want to Miss (ET - GMT-5)

23:00Party Kicks Off
23:15Avatar & Country Meet & Greet
23:30VIP Lounges Open
23:40Special Musical Performance
00:00Ball Drop Celebration; Avatar Dance Off, Worldwide Trivia Game
00:20Avitar Dance Off

Okay I'm sold! How do I get in?

Good news, you're in the right place. In fact, if you want to hop in right now - just click the link below!

Visit Decentraland!

If you want to uplevel your New Year's Eve experience, you'll also want to connect a digital wallet and create an Avatar.


1. Create a Digital Wallet

Digital wallets work as your personal account, keeping all your digital assets (such as NFTs, LAND, cryptocurrency) and in-world progress safe. And when you return to Decentraland, you just need to hit 'connect' and you're in.

To create a free digital wallet, we suggest installing Metamask. To learn more about Digital wallets, check out this wiki.

2. Create an Avatar

Your Avatar is both your character and your identity within the virtual universe. Of course, since your Avatar is digital, you have access to an immense array of custom visualizations and options to make your character truly unique.

To create your Avatar for Decentraland, visit this link. Your Avatar is associated with your Digital Wallet and can be modified at any time.


What if I have issues getting in?

While we expect this to be a smooth experience, we're here ready to help if you encounter any difficulties. Your first port of call for technical questions should be our Discord, where the Decentraland Foundation team will be on hand to answer questions. Alternatively, shoot us a message on Twitter.

Will there be merchandise?

Hey we get it, you're looking for ways to remember the world's first ever Metaverse New Year's Eve! We've got you covered. Throughout the event there will be a collection of interactive stands and prizes to claim. There will be a healthy mix of free and for-pay items - so make sure to join the party early while supplies are still available!

Decentraland Foot Traffic Map (Live)

Enjoying Decentraland and want to see where the rest of the action is? Use our map below to find popular parcels and jump in!

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